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“Her inspiring words helped give me the mental strength I needed to commit, and our son was born shortly thereafter. Monica’s confidence in me gave me confidence in myself. She has a very peaceful energy and was just what I needed.”

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Colin, birth partner and proud papa
“We decided to use a doula for our second birth and found Monica and honestly, I can’t imagine having a baby without her. I didn’t want to at first thinking it was pricy but afterwards I thought she was underpriced.

We took classes with her that empowered my wife and removed a lot anxiety from both me and her. She was incredibly communicative and supportive and was amazing at the hospital. She was simply the best support I could have hoped for and helped my wife have a better birth experience than I thought possible. She felt like a family member at the end and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Professional, kind, communicative, caring, knowledgeable, respectful and just a good doula and human being.”

Mariah, birthing mother
“Monica is the best! She was my doula for my first birth and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She has such a warm maternal energy and it was easy to feel comfortable with her quickly after meeting for the first time. When I went into labor she was super responsive and got there exactly when I needed her. Since it was my first time I had no idea what I might like (or hate) for labor support, but she did a great job of testing things out and guiding me through it. She also expertly guided my husband through providing support, and with the help of her apprentice, I really ended up feeling like a goddess. My original plan was to give birth without an epidural or any other interventions, and thanks to her support the discomfort remained manageable all the way through and I had an incredible experience. Now I recommend hiring a doula to every pregnant woman I talk to, going natural or otherwise!”

Nicole, birthing mother
“Monica is an absolute angel! We decided to take her classes based on the recommendation of our doula and I will be forever thankful that we did. She taught us not only physical ways to help before and during labor, but also ways to mentally prepare for the uncertainty that birthing entails. Monica actually ended up being the doula to attend our birth due to our doula being out of town, and we were so grateful to have her. Despite not knowing every aspect of our birth plan beforehand, she was able to help us create what I think was the perfect birth. Even when I had an unexpected and rapid complication after the birth, it didn’t feel like a traumatic event because I knew what my options were and I was able to be confident in choosing what was best for me in those circumstances. No matter what you envision for your future birth, Monica won’t disappoint!”

Sarina, birthing mother
“I can’t say enough about how amazing it has been having Monica as my doula! Before my birth, she came over to our home and educated my husband and I about pretty much all things birth. She gave my husband and I specific things that we could do to prepare for the big day, and we got to practice things like counter pressure together.

During the birth, her knowledge and experience was so helpful. I don’t know if I could have done it without her! She helped me and my husband navigate knowing when to go to the hospital, what positions to try in order to help things progress at each stage, techniques to calm me and take my mind away from the pain, etc. She was a huge support emotionally as well. Having said that, she also never overstepped her bounds or took the place of my husband as my main support. She even gave him an opportunity to take a break so he’d be fresh to help me at the end of the labor.

After the birth, she helped me pinpoint my daughter’s early hunger cues and helped with my first time breastfeeding. I would recommend her to anyone looking for extra support at their birth and especially mothers who are hoping for a natural delivery.”

Parker, birth partner and proud papa
“Hiring a doula should be a requirement for labor and delivery and Monica is the best doula there is. Her knowledge and expertise is well worth the cost. Really, it’s an investment. She was not only an amazing supporter for my wife as she gave birth but to me as well as we worked together. As the labor progressed, and we found out our daughters position wasn’t ideal and needed to be shifted, Monica instantaneously came up with several ideas to help get the baby back in a good position (spoiler alert: it worked). We love Monica and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.”

Steffany, birthing mother
“Monica was instrumental in my unmedicated birth! We, my husband and I, could not have done it without her! As a first time mom, she helped answer all of my questions, provided reassurance, and advocated for us when necessary. Monica has a very calming presence and helped us feel extremely comfortable from the first time we met her.

During labor, she helped by doing counter pressure, reading positive affirmations, hypnobirthing, and talked me through the pushing stage. She gave me confidence in myself when I wanted to give up!!

Plus, her birthing and newborn photography is amazing. I will forever cherish the photos from our daughter’s birth day. They bring back all the emotions, and helped me remember parts I had forgotten. They make me cry every time I look at them. Thanks for everything Monica!! We love you!!”

Shea, birthing mother
“Working with Monica was AMAZING!! I felt so supported from the moment I met her. She is so caring and well educated; overall she was the most perfect doula. I couldn’t imagine giving birth without her. She was there every step of the way by sending encouraging text/checking in during pregnancy/postpartum. She met with me and my husband a couple of times before I gave birth,to help educate/ go over any questions we had. I felt so prepared and confident going into birth because of Monica.

The day I went into labor she was a rockstar. As soon as she came over I felt so much relief. She had a wide variety of coping mechanisms that helped me have the best birthing experience I could have imagined. She was so calm and composed as I labored and brought a sense of peace and reassurance through her words and actions. I really felt like I couldn’t have gone through my whole birth experience without her.

Her photography was fantastic and it’s so amazing to have those precious pictures to remember such a life changing experience. I was so excited that she kept a timeline of my whole birth experience so I could remember the sequence of how things went. She did a postpartum visit which was really nice to have her check in after birth. She went above and beyond with our newborn photos, they turned out so sweet. I really can’t put into words how grateful I am for Monica’s support throughout my whole pregnancy experience. She truly is an angel and I highly recommend working with her!”

Sarah, birthing mother
“Monica is an excellent doula in every capacity. My husband and I loved our birth experience with her and look forward to future deliveries with her by our sides!

Monica was our advocate. She knew what questions to ask and what techniques to suggest. She supported the care from my OB and partnered with the hospital staff to promote the best outcomes.

Monica was our guide. She is trained in Hypnobabies and GentleBirth and brings personal experience to the table as well. She asked what birth experience we wanted and then directed us to the right resources. She encouraged me to text her anytime and would often send articles and videos that I would find inspiring.

Monica was my cheerleader from start to finish. She supported exactly the birth I desired, and gave me the tools to achieve that. She never failed to tell me I was doing a good job. In labor, she cheered me on and lead my husband to do the same. She taught him ways to help me manage contractions and together they kept me going. She never took control, letting me call all the shots. She also never let me give up but reminded me I could always change my mind.

Finally, Monica was my champion. Labor was fast and furious and she never got a break. But she never let her tiredness show. She stayed with us late into the night to make sure we were settled and well. Her positivity and confidence throughout pregnancy and labor was exactly what I needed. She was my rock in the rough moments and helped me find that same strength in myself!”

Stacey, birthing mother
“Monica is a godsend. My labor was pretty much everything I had hoped and prayed so fervently for, and that was hugely because of Monica and the support she gave my husband and me. She provided physical as well as mental comfort throughout the entire thing. She took the most beautiful pictures of our experience, photos I’m so thankful to have! I love that she took careful notes on the progression and milestones of my labor. I also appreciate her taking the time to get to know me and my goals for the labor beforehand. And then coming out for a postpartum visit! Monica was such a calming presence during my labor, and so professional as well. I’m so thankful to have had her be a part of our son’s birth. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody and everybody! :)”

Emely, birthing mother
“Monica was my doula for our fourth baby, I’d never had a doula but decided for our last I would get one, and I’m so grateful I did. Before baby came she provided my husband and I with tools and techniques to help us through active birthing time and was always there if I had questions via phone call or txt. Monica is certified and well versed with Hypnobabies and spinning babies which was such a game changer for this birth of mine. During the birthing process Monica did an amazing job of keeping me calm with my Hypnobabies cues, gentle touch, and communicating with others when I couldn’t. My only wish is that I wish I could’ve had her present at all my births! I really love the person who Monica is, sincere, present, and kind. Monica helped us create my prefect birth, and I’m forever thankful.”

Vaughn, birth partner and proud papa
“It is hard to put into words how thankful my wife and I are for Monica’s services. As the father of three, I helped my wife through two previous natural births on my own, and having Monica help us with our third child made a world of difference for my experience. It was such a relief for me to have additional support through early labor! Monica was so knowledgeable and really became a part o the family as she helped us rest when we needed to rest and labor when we needed to labor.

I also have witnessed a tremendous improvement in my wife’s recovery and lessoned postpartum depression which I attribute in generous measure to Monica’s helping us have a better experience with the labor and delivery. I and my wife wholeheartedly endorse Monica as a wonderful doula and will be using her again if we decide to grow our family in the future.  We love her and so will you!” 

Seasons Warner, Licensed Midwife, CPM
“Monica serves as a doula like it’s something she’s always known. She is kind, respectful, patient and gentle. Monica is a great doula and an asset to the birth community!”

Hannah, birthing mother
“Monica Wilkinson helped me give natural birth to a 10lb 9oz baby!! She attended the birth of our son as our photographer, but she was so much more than that!!! From the moment she walked into the hospital room she coached me with words of strength and comfort, helped me through contractions assisting with counter pressure, and even gave me a foot massage while I was having skin to skin with our brand new baby.  This was my 2nd birth and things progressed faster than I expected. I was dilated to an 8 after just a couple hours of labor and contractions were becoming more intense.

I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain any longer and started asking my nurse for the possibility of an epidural. Monica stood next to me telling me how strong I was and that I COULD do this. Her inspiring words helped give me the mental strength I needed to commit, and our son was born shortly thereafter. Monica’s confidence in me gave me confidence in myself. She has a very peaceful energy and was just what I needed. I feel so grateful that she was able to attend our birth.

She is talented on so many levels; as a photographer, doula, and friend. When we got our pictures back, I looked through each one with tears streaming down my face. Monica captured each moment so beautifully, and I feel so incredibly grateful that we have these pictures to cherish forever. Thank you Monica!!!”

Carlee, birthing mother
“I cannot say enough good things about Monica, she is absolutely amazing and was an essential member of my birth team! I felt an instant connection with her when we first met. Because of a bad experience during my first birth, I wanted to be very deliberate with who I had in my birthing space this time. Monica was very in tune with my needs. I appreciated her ability to just jump in and know what I needed. She supported me and my husband in a very respectful way. My birth didn’t go as planned, but Monica stayed with me giving emotional and physical support.  I also appreciated her coming to my home and letting me process my emotions 2 weeks postpartum.  I will forever treasure the pictures she took of my baby’s birth!  I hope to have her at all of my future births.”

Brittany, birthing mother
“I highly recommend Monica to anyone contemplating hiring a doula. During the weeks before I gave birth, she was a great support and helped me work through some fears I was having. She also coached me through various labor positions so I felt more confident and prepared for birth, even though this was my fifth child. During my pre-labor, she was great at checking in regularly and giving me the emotional support I needed. During labor, she helped me find natural ways to ease my pain through counter pressure and showed my husband how to do it too, among other things. She did such a great job balancing coaching us through the birth and reminding me to relax without being in the middle of everything. She was so encouraging!

I had a retained placenta and Monica helped me breathe through that while she held my hand.  She stayed right by me the whole time.  Then she rubbed my aching legs with massage oil!  About a week after the birth, she came to check in and see how I was processing everything. It was so nice and helpful to have someone to go over everything with a few days later. She was so warm and easy to open up to and discuss anything I needed to. Again, if you are looking for a knowledgeable, warm and encouraging doula who is so easy to get on with, Monica is all that and more. If I were to have any more kids, I would definitely hire her again!”

Chaliece, birthing mother
“Monica was an amazing doula. She was such a great support before, during, and after delivery. She checked up on me often to make sure things were going well and when it came time for labor she was here exactly when I needed her. She provided a lot of comfort techniques and helped my husband know more of how to help me cope as well. She is calm and collected and has a special air about her. I’m so glad she was there at our son’s birth – she added to our experience in such a positive way.”