Before working with me you may want to know my philosophies about birth.
Childbirth is complex and very personal, but in general, I believe:

A doula is a birth supporter, labor coach, best friend, and my philosophies about birth support that

Birth is a normal, physiological event:

Too often, birth is classified as a medical event and unnecessarily taken down that path. I prefer to think of birth as a social event. In a low risk, uncomplicated birth there is not something medically wrong with the pregnant and laboring woman that needs to be treated. I believe, rather, that the societal structure of their family is changing by adding a brand new member! Most births just need patience, time, a safe environment and support.

Birth can be peaceful and calm:

TV portrays birth to be a frantic, scary, emergency accompanied by plenty of screaming, fluids, useless husbands and medical emergencies. I have witnessed, more often than not, birth to be calm, peaceful, powerful and connecting. Husbands can, and often are, a powerful source of comfort, love, and support to their partners. We can be intentional about the environment we create in the birth space to help facilitate a calm, loving environment.

Education is a key component in a positive birth experience:

How much you know about birth, the process of labor, your options, common interventions, how to communicate with providers, and both mental and physical comfort measures will have an enormous impact on the outcome of your birth and how you feel about it. With education comes confidence. Confidence chases away fear. A birth lacking fear is always faster, easier and less stressful.

An undisturbed birth is ideal for most circumstances:

The more undisturbed a birth is, the greater the likelihood that the birth will not require interventions, will move faster, will feel more peaceful, will not disrupt birth hormones, and will result in an overall more positive experience. Your choice in birthplace and provider will largely determine what interventions are suggested, when, and how many. Choose wisely.

People have very good reasons for believing what they believe, choosing what they choose, and feeling how they feel:

My philosophies about birth also take into account the individual. I want you to know I believe you if you say the best place for you to give birth is in a hospital. I also believe you if you feel a homebirth with a midwife is the best choice for you. I believe you if you say you have fast labors, or don’t want massage, or need affirmations.

You know yourself better than I do. I will not judge the journey of birth you choose. I do my best to offer suggestions and options but have no real attachment to whether you choose to accept them or not. My goas is to support and accept each client where they are TODAY. I also admire when growth comes knocking and you want to do things different next time.

Childbirth education in Utah County, Birth Doula, My philosophies about birth are that childbirth is a normal, physiological event that usually requires little or no intervention

My philosophies about birth
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My philosophies about birth