Monica Wilkinson, CBD, CBE

Doula, Utah County

I am a certified childbirth educator teaching the GentleBirth method. Studies show that adding mindfulness to birth preparation is the most effective way to achieve a truly satisfying birth experience!

Childbirth Education, Utah County

About Me…

After living all over North America my family settled in Utah County. I live with my husband of 26 years and 6 kids on a small farm with a rotating supply of farm animals to which I serve as the midwife. Assisting my animals as they birth their babies is a highlight of my life!! I love, love, love delivering puppies, goats, kittens, calves and hopefully soon a foal or two. I also enjoy making furniture, spending creative time in my garage with my miter saw, graphic design and photography.

Another thing that helps me find compassion and care for all people is my experience with survivors of abuse and trauma. I have personal understanding of how trauma and abuse impact a person on many levels. Traumatic past experiences often show up in the birth space and I am aware of what that presentation can look like and how to offer help. I strive to provide trauma informed care and help guide women to healing through accessing their own inner strength, finding their voice, and advocating for themselves.

My Journey into Birth Work…

In May 2019 I attended my sister-in-law’s home birth as her photographer and, having experienced 6 births of my own, I knew instinctively that she needed more support than she was getting. Her husband is a rock star, birthing women just need lots of support! So I jumped in and, with their permission, I started talking her through contractions, massaging, breathing with her and helping with counter-pressure and visualization. I did this for hours. After her birth the midwife asked me how long I had been a doula. I responded “what’s a doula?” The following days and weeks it’s all I could think about.  I read everything I could get my hands on and quickly found a doula training. Finding this work has been like discovering my natural habitat!  I love it with my whole soul. 

My own births have given me a variety of experiences including induced hospital births with epidurals, 2 posterior babies, 3 unmedicated births, a Hypnobabies water birth at a birth center, epidurals that didn’t work, going past my EDD by 10 days (twice), 4 hour labors, 32 hour labors (and everything in between), and a 10 week miscarriage involving a D&C.  Because of these personal experiences it is intuitive for me to support women through their childbirth journeys no matter what shape they take. I love helping people move from fear to confidence and discover their power through providing information, options, and support. I also understand birth plans that don’t go as planned and have compassion for the feelings that can follow. 

When we think about birthing our babies we dream, hope, plan and prepare. For most of us our emotions span a spectrum from excited on one end to terrified on the other. There are no guarantees. We access our faith and move forward, one contraction at a time, as we go to places inside ourselves we never knew but now see as sacred . . . hallowed.

I am honored to be considered as part of your birth team.

My Training

Utah Birth Doula

Evidenced Based Birth
Savvy Birth Pro (2023)

Certified Birth Doula
Childbirth International (2023)
DONA International (2020)

Certified Breastfeeding Support Doula
Prenatal Insights (2022)

Certified Childbirth Educator
GentleBirth Institute (2021)

Certified Childbirth Hypnosis Doula
Hypnobabies (2021)

BS, Behavioral Science and Health
University of Utah (2002)

Bradley Method and Hypnobabies
Took both courses for my own birth preparation

Personal Experience
I’ve had 6 births of my own (7 pregnancies), 3 unmedicated,
1 water birth, posterior presentation, hospital, birth center, miscarriage, pain free birth, breastfeeding

Midwife on the Farm!
I am the midwife for all our dog, horse, cow, goat and cat births! Somehow that feels like a qualifying skill 🙂