Childbirth Education, Doula Support, Utah County, Spanish Fork, Springville, Provo, Orem, Salem, Payson

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“Many of our problems in US maternity care stem from the fact that there is no room for recognizing when nature is smarter than we are”
– Ina May Gaskin
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Doula support has been shown to improve every measurable outcome
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If you do not know what your options are, you have no options
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Monica Wilkinson, CBD, CBE, BS
Serving Families in Utah County

Supporting families through
pregnancy and birth

I am a certified birth doula through Childbirth International, GentleBirth certified instructor, and a birth/newborn photographer. Being involved in birth work has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember! 

The training I have is important and necessary, but not really the core of what I do. Being a doula is heart work. Soul work. Childbirth is raw, intuitive, sensitive, and vulnerable. I honor the importance of this transformative experience and strive to help create a personalized and sensitive birth space. As your doula, my goals are to help you stay in a good headspace (what your mind is doing during your birth is just as important as what your body is doing), provide education, be by your side continually, support you physically & emotionally, help you prepare for things you may not expect, and so much more. I will not hesitate to get into the trenches with you during your birth! Constant, intuitive, steady care and a calming influence are my specialty!