Utah Birth Doula
Monica Wilkinson, CD(DONA), CBE
Serving Families in Utah County

Supporting families through
pregnancy and birth

I am a certified birth doula through DONA International, GentleBirth certified instructor, and a birth/newborn photographer. Being involved in birth work has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember! 

The training I have is important and necessary, but not really the core of what I do. Being a doula is heart work. Soul work. Childbirth is raw, intuitive, sensitive, and vulnerable. I strive to reflect the specialness of the experience back to the couple and all who come into the room. As your doula, my goals for your birth are to help you stay in a good headspace (what your mind is doing during your birth is just as important as what your body is doing), provide education, be by your side continually, support you physically & emotionally, help you prepare for things you may not expect, and so much more. I will not hesitate to get into the trenches with you during your birth! Constant, intuitive, steady care and a calming influence are my specialty! I really look forward to getting to know you!